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Complete Fuel System Cleaner

BARCODE NUMBER: 9313555350188

Modern diesel fuel is very different from what was available even 5 years ago, ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) now means that diesel engines aren’t receiving the same level of lubrication protection. Higher engine temperatures which in turn causes higher fuel temperatures creates the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms, such as bacteria, algae, and fungi commonly referred to as diesel bug. These microorganisms feed off the hydrocarbons in the diesel fuel, creating a waste product that is corrosive and harmful which can clog the fuel filter resulting in hesitation and engine stalling. Wynn’s Complete Fuel System Cleaner has been formulated utilising the latest Wynn’s Global technology to totally clean, protect & lubricate the entire fuel system to keep the heart of your vehicle operating at peak performance and contains a biocide to kill & prevent the growth of diesel bug.

Features & Benefits:

  • Totally cleans & protects diesel fuel system components
  • Easy to use one shot treatment
  • Works as you drive to improve engine performance & lower fuel consumption
  • Added biocide kills and prevents algae, bacteria, and fungus in fuel which can lead to filter blockages
  • Prevents future deposit build-up for up to 10,000km
  • Lubricates pumps & injectors which compensates for the reduced lubrication of low sulphur diesel
  • Suitable for Common Rail & Indirect Injection Systems, Bio-Diesel & Safe for DPF & other emission controls
Available Size 325 mL

Prevents filter blockages caused by harmful algae & bacteria

Before Treatment

After Treatment


  • Add entire contents of bottle to fuel tank, preferably before filling with diesel to ensure thorough mixing of product
  • Treats up to 80 litres of diesel
Easy to use, one shot treatement
Use every 10,000 km
Treats up to 80L of Diesel Fuel