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Radiator Flush

BARCODE NUMBER: 9313555653326

Cooling system failure and overheating of the engine is the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns. Rust, grease, sludge and scale build-up all contribute to the likelihood of cooling system failure.

By not using a flush damaging debris remain in the cooling system, slowly deteriorating internal components and seriously impairing the proper function of the radiator & cooling system.

Wynn's Radiator Flush safely removes rust, grease and scale from the entire cooling system ensuring the new coolant works at its maximum potential, not having to work against a dirty system that can shorten coolant life. Wynn's Radiator Flush contains no harsh acid or alkali compounds and will not attack cooling system components.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleans to prevent overheating
  • Fast acting cooling system cleaner that removes rust, grease, sludge & scale
  • Prepares cooling system to optimise new coolant life
  • Effectively restores coolant flow & heat transfer
  • Compatible with water & glycol, anti-freeze/anti-boil coolants
  • Compatible with cooling system components
Available Size 325 mL

Cleans to prevent overheating




  • With heater control in HOT position
  • Shake bottle and add contents to the cooling system, CAUTION coolant may be hot
  • Top up the system with coolant if required
  • Run engine for approximately 5 minutes to circulate and stop leaks
  • Contents will treat a cooling system from 6 to 12 litres
  • Should only be used as a temporary repair for leaks
Radiator Flush - Wynn's Australia
Easy to use & fast acting
Treats a cooling system from 6 to 12 litres