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Chestien Wynn, a 70 year old retired attorney with an interest in lubrication chemistry, discovered a formula he named “Wynn’s Friction Proofing” Oil. This surface treatment for metal actually changed the chemistry of the metal, making it softer and better able to withstand friction and wear.

Chestien Wynn would mix a batch of his product in his one car garage workshop, fill and label glass bottles with it and sell them to the local service stations and garages. Motorists, who used the products once, wanted another bottle of it.

It wasn’t long before Chestien was forced to hire a salesman so he could devote his time to producing and bottling. However, just as business was beginning to pick up, World War II began. The Salesman went into the Navy and Chestien Wynn could no longer get the chemicals and lubricants to make his product.

But, Chestien and his one salesman started over in 1946.

Son Carl E. Wynn joins the company and moves production into his two car garage. On May 28, 1947 the company was incorporated under the name Wynn Oil Company at 1222 Duarte Road, San Gabriel, California. An average of 40 cases of products per day was produced.

Wynn sponsors the first of many race cars and drivers.

April 1, 1948, Fire destroyed the two car garage. Within a few short weeks Wynn’s actually flew in equipment and machinery to resume operation in a temporary location at Azusa, California.

A flight was made in a Luscombe Silvaire airplane with NO OIL IN THE CRANKCASE. The plane flew seven minutes without oil (the engine had been treated with Wynn’s Friction Proofing, illustrating that it penetrates the surfaces of moving metal parts and forms a protective film of lubrication).

Unusual office building & manufacturing plant of Wynn’s Oil Company, designed by the Austin Company.

Carl Wynn speaking to the designer, said, “I think it would be stimulating to be able to pause in our work and have an unobstructed view of the Sierra Madre Range”…”I have collected many cacti…we love the desert, you know”. The unique design reflects Mr. Wynn’s desires.

“The Deep Sea Test” was run in Newport Beach, CA in June. Two motors were immersed into salt water and left for fourteen days. One of the motors was treated with Wynn’s Friction Proofing Oil and the other was not.

While still wet, the motor treated with Friction Proofing started without difficulty, the other did not.